About Us

MasterCarry is a league of the top tier, highly skilled, and professional Destiny 2 gamers who have been excelling at their craft of helping other Guardians since the release of the Destiny 1 Beta.
Understandably, numerous people do not have the time nor the patience to grind out some of the tedious, rigorous, or downright challenging activities that Destiny has to offer. This is where MasterCarry steps in. Our highly skilled team of professional runners are here to provide you the solution to this dilemma in the easiest and most efficient way possible.
Our team of runners is an experienced group who have helped countless Guardians since the foundation of services for Destiny. Let our team handle the work and you enjoy the rewards.

Why Pay for In-Game Services?

Time is the most valuable asset any person can have. Throughout life, people have exchanged goods or services for the purpose of saving them time. Convenience and efficiency is sought after, and we look to provide you with this through the acquisition of what you need without the time investment required. Some reasons why our customers choose MasterCarry:

  • - The challenge or difficulty of an activity could be too high
  • - Your desire to collect everything, but lacking the time to do so
  • - Being swamped with work or family commitments
  • - Unable to access the game due to vacations, emergencies, or other complications
  • - The convenience of knowing you don’t have to put in work but still receive the reward

Regardless of your reason, we are always here to help you with what you need.

How Does MasterCarry Work?

MasterCarry operates under a strict workforce for our workers. Our number one priority is professionalism, and it shows through the runners we have. Our staff will ensure that your order is completed as efficiently and smoothly as possible, and are always available to chat during your order if you would like.

Our service is fast, safe, and secure. We use an integrated PayPal payment system, so you know that your money is always safely being processed. Our system sends you text messages throughout your order to constantly keep you updated, and our client page allows you to communicate with our staff and runners for any other concerns you may have.

What is MasterCarry?

MasterCarry LTD is a legitimate, tax paying, USA/UK based business that employs 40+ professional runners from around the world. These runners have been vetted and have passed the intense quality assurance standards that we uphold. Our runners work around the clock, 24/7, to ensure that there are no orders being delayed and that your satisfaction is always maintained.