Frequently Asked Questions/F.A.Q

Q: How does the order process work?

A: When you visit our shop, you will see the vast services we provide. You simply select the services you want, configure the extra options, and place the item into your cart. When you are finished, you can check out using our secure payment system through PayPal.

After your order has been processed, you will receive a text message shortly with details pertaining to your order. You will also be able to communicate directly with our staff of boosters through our client page, which you gain access to after placement of your order.

Once a booster has accepted your order, you will again be notified via text. As soon as we have access to your account, our professional will begin the service(s) you have selected and will notify you through text once more when your order has been completed!

Q: How fast will my order be processed and completed?

A: We pride ourselves on being one of the most efficient Destiny 2 Boosting sites on the market. With that said, we aim to complete most of our orders in under 24 hours time, with a majority of orders being completed in almost half of that.

While longer orders will typically take a proportionally longer amount of time, if you are interested in speeding up the completion of your order, we offer an Extra Fast option for our most popular services!

Q: Is your Trials of Osiris Service a guaranteed flawless?

A: Yes! Any order of our Trials of Osiris service, whether it’s an account recovery (where one of our runners plays on your account for you) or a self-play run, we guarantee you will get the flawless victory that you desire.

Q: Can you stream my order being completed?

A: Yes! If you select the “Twitch” option at checkout (where applicable), we will livestream the completion of your desired service(s).

Q: Is it possible to edit my order after it has been placed?

A: Through the client area of our website, you will be able to communicate with our staff regarding any issues you may have occurred while placing your order. If you want something changed of equal value, or want to change your order entirely, it can all be done through the client-side chatbox.

If you would also like to receive a refund of your order before it has been placed, it can be done there as well.

Q: Can you ensure that my account will be safe from malicious activity?

A: MasterCarry takes pride in being one of the safest Destiny 2 service websites on the market. Other websites claim to take precautionary measures to protect your account, but hire boosters and runners without vetting them for quality assurance. MasterCarry’s boosters have been partaking in service completions for years without a single issue and have been happily serving customers since the release of our website.

For further assurance to your account’s security, please check out our Feedback page where our most updated reviews get posted. Our reputation is our livelihood, and we would never attempt to tarnish it through malicious acts towards our customers.

Q: Will I receive a receipt?

A: Yes, through our client page and through text. Once your order has been placed, we will process the order through our backend systems and then deliver a receipt through those methods with a listing of your purchases and other additional information.

Q: What payment methods are available?

A: Our webstore is run through PayPal, which allows you to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, along with many other cards. PayPal also allows alternative methods of payment as well.

You do NOT need a PayPal account to check out with our system.

Q: Are discount codes available?

A: We do run discount codes from time to time, during seasonal events and special occasions! We also provide a customer with a 10% off code for their next order if they leave a review on a previously purchased product. We thank you for using MasterCarry for your Destiny 2 needs!

Q: Can I access my account during the completion of an order?

A: You CANNOT sign in to your account while an order is being completed. If a runner is currently fulfilling and order on your account and you sign in, the runner will be kicked out of whatever activity they were doing and could possibly lose hours of progress.

You signing in = your runner signing out. Please be patient and allow us to complete your order to the best extent we can.